A Couple’s Picture Went Viral for the Difference in their Skin Colour as they Express their Love to the World!


Lady shares 'bedroom' pictures with boyfriend on Instagram (photos)

Well if this ain’t beauty, we dont know what is!!. A couple went viral and broke the internet by posting their picture together in the bedroom on insta and instantly it became the talk of  the media. Well why is that, this is due to theiir difference in skin colour. The lady whose name is  Keli Chubb  AKA Ufo is light skin while her man is really black well possibly the darkest we have seen Nyong James from Sudan

Lady shares 'bedroom' pictures with boyfriend on Instagram (photos)

While some praise their love, others simple try to put them down due to the vast difference in their skin colour and this just goes to show the mentality of our society. All we see here is a beautiful man with the purest, darkest, blackest but stunning skin and a light skin woman who happens to be in love so why should they be judged or be any different due to his skin tone. 

Lady shares 'bedroom' pictures with boyfriend on Instagram (photos)

They love each other for how they look and adore it, so should everyone!!… We see this as beauty of the highest order and we are defo routing for their love #CoupleGoals all day everyday!


Written by: Gold Ola


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