Single and Married Couples Conference & Awards Takes Place, February 18, 2017!


NIGERIAN-British relationship charity The Beautiful Mind Foundation will be holding a single and married couples conference and awards dinner on Saturday, February 18 aimed at addressing the frequent breakdown of relationships within the community.

To be held at the Ripple Conference Centre in east London between 2pm and 8pm, the event will attract speakers from across the community, including relationship experts and marriage counsellors. Beautiful Mind Foundation chief executive Kate Okoli, said that it had become imperative to organise the event to prevent to total breakdown of marriages within the Nigerian community in the UK.

In what will be the second such event the charity is organising, the theme of the conference will be: She Doesn’t Respect Me, He Doesn’t Love me. Ms Okoli said it has become imperative to organise this event to prevent the total breakdown in marriages and the incessant reports of domestic violence within the black African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities in the diaspora.

A lawyer and the owner of  Grace Springs Solicitors, Ms Okoli frequently deals with marital breakdown in her day-to-day work. She added that the pressures of modern society, the erosion of cultural values, plain greed and blatant dishonesty are some of the reasons behind the collapse of modern marriages.

Ms Okoli said: “The singles and  married annual conference is birthed out of a desire to see relationships thrive free from all kinds of abuse including physical, financial and emotional. This conference is a brain child of the Beautiful Mind Foundation, a social enterprise whose major goal is to encourage healthy family relationships between couples on the one hand and also couples and their children on the other.

“We believe that family is the bedrock of every society and when families thrive successfully, the society at large is affected positively. Our conference is designed to empower both married couples and singles by giving them information and additional tools on how to start and build a successful marriage relationship free from any form of abuse”

To hold every year, the event will include entertainment, speeches and the handing out of awards to couples who have successful relationships. According to Ms Okoli, it is designed to help couples understand the importance of a healthy marriage and show them how to build  long lasting relationships.

She added that the conference will also touch on areas of domestic violence and the signs to looking out for abuse in relationships. Also, during this conference, there will be a question and answer session during which people are allowed to ask about any area they may be facing challenges with, in their relationships.

Ms Okoli pointed out that additional tools will be given to them on how to manage and cope with conflict in their relationships. There will also be an award and recognition session where couples are given recognition for promoting healthy and successful marriage relationships using them as a good example of relationships that have thrived over the years.

“Different professionals and speakers will also use this platform to speak on different areas relating to healthy relationships and the impact of unhealthy relationships on couples and their children and the society at large. We have solicitors, doctors, pastors, counsellors and life coaches who will be present on this day.

“Should anyone wish to sponsor this programme or to support us by cash or kind contact the organisers through email. Also, if you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, do not hesitate to contact us,” Ms Okoli added.

According to Ms Okoli, the signs to look out for in abusive relationships are most times down played by the victims leading to death and mental health issues. She urged everyone who can to attend the conference, pointing out that there is parking space behind the building.

Ms Okoli added that all of this will be available for only £25 per head. She added that all those interested in attending should book their tickets either through emailing or ringing 07950 592545.

For more information contact:

Kate Okoli                                                           Grace Springs Solicitors

The Beautiful Mind Foundation                

07950 592545                                                      0208 5915290                          


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