Motivation Monday: Who Is Your Leader? by Ferdinard Senyo Lawson!


Live your authentic life by being different

Leadership is about leading with motivation, and inspiration to see results or fruitfulness in the lives of followers or mentees. Sometimes, looking at Arsenal and the way they play, it reminds me of how some spiritual leaders behave. They don’t motivate or allow the talents and giftings of their members to excel to the glory of God except themselves and family.

Being skilful in preaching and teaching are not enough until your followers or protégés can do exactly or more than what you do as a leader or preacher.

Jesus Christ spent only 3 years in His earthly ministry with the committed disciples yet, He motivated, empowered, encouraged and transformed them to be world changers.

These days , people go to church and occupy the pew for 30 years but can’t even witness or win soul. They are afraid to step out to preach to the people around them for the fear of their pastor or bishop’s wrath.

Who saved you ?

You are born again to win souls regardless of your church denominations. Heaven is not about any pastor or bishop. It is about total obedience to the voice of God and commitment to the great commission.

Step out to share what you know and have heard of Jesus Christ not what your pastor or bishop can do.


Ferdinard Senyo Lawson Author

Ferdinard Lawson graduated from Sussex University and holds a BSc Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is the Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C (FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is a Multiple Awards Winning Author, Public Speaker and a Lifestyle Coach. He has published many inspirational, motivational books, and leadership books and full member of the Royal society for Public Health. England. He is currently the Co-Chairman of Mega (Kingston Hospital Trust.


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