‘Africans have fully embraced online dating’ Exclusive Interview with Akuchi Oriaku Founder Mutual Hearts Dating site!


Meet Akuchi Oriaku, founder of an International dating website. In this interview, She talked about why she started Mutual Hearts, how one can date safely, why one should choose Mutual Hearts, the upcoming Mutual Hearts Valentines Ball taking place this Saturday, Feb 11th amongst other trivial, exciting and informative topics. Read our Exclusive Interview with her below.

Hello Mrs. Oriaku, we know you as the founder of Mutual Hearts, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Akuchi Oriaku, I am a wife, a mum and I also pursue my career and interests in life with vigor.

What is Mutual Hearts all about?

Mutual Hearts is an online and offline platform that facilitates relationships amongst mature adults hoping to get into committed relationships that hopefully will lead to marriage. We also encourage already married people to remain married.

Why did you feel the need to create this platform for single adults?

We have very many mature singles, ranging from people who have never been married, widowed, divorced or single parents who want to be in committed relationships but lack the time or opportunity to effectively socialize outside their usual cycle thereby limiting their chances of meeting new and potential future spouses.

How did you come up with the idea and what made you take action towards the whole process?

The burden to do something came upon me when I observed how difficult it was for mature singles to find opportunities to meet new people due to sometimes living very monotonous lives, their routine revolved around career or family responsibilities; giving them little or no opportunity to meet prospective spouses. Socializing is a big issue for them so the thought got dropped in my heart to create a hub that fills that vacuum. That was how Mutual Hearts was born, it has become a safe hub for serious minded singles who are looking to be equally yoked.

Is Mutual Hearts dating site safe to use? You know how conservative we Africans can be, how can one be rest-assured?

 Yes, it is 100% safe to use. We vet our members through rigorous questions asked. We also advise members to be careful in their interactions with anyone they meet online till they have had to properly access them.

How can one become a member?

one can become a member by signing up to our platform on www.mutualhearts.com. We have two levels of membership. Ordinary member and a subscribed member. Ordinary membership is free but with limited functionalities. Subscribed membership is paid for but allows you to fully interact with other members of the group.

Do you think Africans have fully embrace online dating?

Yes, Africans have fully embraced online dating but most of them unfortunately prefer free platforms that are riddled with unserious individuals and they sometimes fall prey to questionable characters then tag all online platforms as bad. Online dating is a very good tool if one socializes on a respectable platform that naturally appeal to respectable individuals. If used wisely and appropriately online dating is a fantastic tool for this 21st century.  A platform such as Mutual hearts is appropriate, respectable and does not encourage dating just for the sake of it. There need to be a purpose for dating i.e. marriage. We cater to serious minds.

Do you have any success stories, if so tell us about one of your favourites?

We have a host of success stories but knowing our African people, they will rather want to keep it quiet. I have tried to encourage people to proudly let others know online dating works if used appropriately and that way more people are encouraged to give it a go.

There is a Mutual Hearts Valentine ball this year, first of its kind, can you tell us a little more about it and what you hoping to achieve?

Our Mutual Hearts Ball is slated for the 11th of February 2017 at the Hilton Milton Keynes and it is themed “A celebration of Love”. We plan on talking about relationships from as much spectrum as we can. We hope singles who attend will make new friends and hopefully carry on from there. We have also invited married couples to attend because we are not just wanting people to get married we also want those married to stay married. Marriage is gradually becoming extinct; we want to use our platform to highlight challenges in relationships and different ways to combat those challenges. Talking to counsellors for instance, has helped a great many relationships heal.

With it being a Valentine weekend, people are looking for a place to have fun, why is Mutual Hearts Valentines ball the right place to be Saturday the 11th of Feb?

We have taken our time to plan an exclusive and high-end valentines ball that will be enjoyed by all who attend. The whole idea is to make everyone feel special on the night. It is also not just about coming to have fun; we will be discussing serious issues that mare relationships and tips on combating those issues.

How can one buy tickets and are there any discount?

Tickets are available at www.mutualhearts.com or via our hotline 020 3371 9184.

Do you have any advice for Mature Singles? If so, can you share 3 with us?

Being a single mature man or woman is not a bad thing, some single mature men or women have stayed single by choice but for those who might be open to a relationship I will advise them to

(a) be yourself

(b) go out more and position yourself where you’re most likely to be found by the sort you desire

(c) always look good and update yourself with the right attitude and skills.

Thank you very much for your time. Mutual Hearts has also won some awards over the years; Marketing Ministers Awards for ‘Best hub for love and relationship building’ and African Entrepreneur Awards 2016  for ‘Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Now, there is no doubt Mutual Hearts is one of the safest places to meet great singles and searching. With a Valentine Ball taking place this weekend, this will be another great place to meet the CEO and founderAkuch Oriaku for more details. It will also be a place to take loved ones and make new friends. Music by DJ Abass (one of the best DJ’s & media consultants in UK), to be hosted by MC Charles Emeka. Soul food freshly prepared by a Hilton approved Nigerian Chef and performance by Guest Artists including Ras King Bobo.

Why don’t you get your tickets NOW!



DATE:  Saturday 11 February 2017
VENUE: The Hilton Hotel, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HL

Doors: From 6pm / Tickets: £50 

For ticket enquiries:
Hotline: +44 (0) 20 3371 9184


Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

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