New Book Alert: ‘How To Chisel The Gold Out Of Your Mine Is Finally Out’!


How to Chisel The Gold Out of Your Mine Book

You can live your dream if only you can chisel it out of your Mine“. Another great and inspiring book has been published by Ferdinard Senyo Lawson; a Multi-Award Winning Author, Lifestyle Coach and Public Speaker. 

MR. Lawson is a Ghanaian UK based motivational Author, transformational speaker and coach. He is a born again Christian who loves and serves God faithfully. He has described himself as “a man full of passion to see lives changed, transformed and renewed through the word of God.”

A vibrant motivational and transformational speaker, a prolific writer whose mandate is to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire the young generation to discover and pursue their purpose and become significant to their world. Mr Lawson is happily married with two children.

“HOW TO CHISEL THE GOLD OUT OF YOUR MINE” is the newest book out of 10 books written by Mr. Ferdinard Senyo Lawson. This book is a self help book designed to help its readers develop the confidence, boldness and determination to pursue their dreams, visions, purposes and aspirations in order to live a fulfilled, meaningful and to make their life count.

Each and every individual born by a woman is endowed with dream, purpose, vision and goals for life, but until we take full responsibility of ourselves to discover that very dream/goal/purpose in life, we are denying the world of your wealth and value which can make your life worthless and end up frustrated.

Mr. Lawson has discovered that many people are living a life full of pains, hurts and regret simply because they have left their gold mine ideal and others are using theirs to create and change their world positively.

In view of this, he has written this to motivate, empower, inspire and to challenge people to chisel the gold out of their mines to add value to the world which he deems as best thing that can ever happen to anyone.

Have you ever thought the goldmines of talents, gifts, CDs, books, computer ideas, creative logos and many more that were not chiselled out but were buried in the cemetery with the potential to change the direction of lives?

Mr Ferdinard Senyo Lawson believes that, this world is actually ruled by individuals who have chiselled the gold out of their mine to create things the world has not seen before. All that we see and handle today were gold (ideas, dreams and talents) that were actually chiselled. For example; electricity, buildings, airplanes, submarines, microwaves, television, Ipad, Iphone, blackberry etc. all were chiselled out of dreams.

According to Mr. Lawson, the planet earth has lost great and powerful talents, gifts and many more with mind blowing inventions (GOLD) that were never chiselled out. Therefore, he is challenging us to chisel out the ideas that are embedded within us.

What are you creating with your powerful mind and do you want to leave this earth without chiselling your gold out of your mine?

When you focus on your goals, take steps and have a little faith in yourself and your ability to withstand pressure, you can accomplish major success in life. As you take your time to read this book, may you discover the gold within your mine and take the necessary steps to chisel it out.


To find out more about the book or get a copy, contact Mr. Lawson here

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