TONTO DIKEH Celebrates Son KING ANDRE 1st Birthday in Style with Stunning Photoshoot of Both!


Tonto dikeh didnt leat anything stop her from pulling all the stop out to celebrates her son’s 1st birthday and she shares exclusive pictures of them together ina Themed Queen and Prince photoshoot. She shares her joy and love for her son and how happy she is that she can celebrate him and we have to commend her. Despite everything that is going on with her marriage, she choose to focus all her energy on her son and we love that.

She shares the most emotional post ever and an OPEN LETTER to her son on how she is happy to his mother and more. Read Below

” Happy birthday my Love! Where do I even begin! This angel right here was sent from God to do wonders. My son! My little King! You have been my biggest strength and joy. Sometimes I feel as though I need a spare heart to help contain my love for you. (In tears)My baby boy,I have a son. The ocean to my eyes. The calm in my life. The one that soothes my soul with just a glance in your eyes. My prayer for you is that you walk in the path God has set for you. Everything else will fall into place! I will make sure you do not waiver from that set path. It is my duty as your mother. My obligation to you and the almighty God that put you in my care. As you enter your first year on this earth may you continue to experience abundant happiness and joy. Unexplainable success and favour! Incomprehensible blessing from all corners of the earth. Always remember that your father is the creator of this world. So you must tread it with confidence. He is the almighty God, so do not ever fear or feel flawed in your life. You will do wonders. As you take your baby steps may they grow into big strides and may you walk into more blessings! Just know that Mummy will be there at your back cheering you on as your personal cheerleader. I love you Baby! Always and forever! #KingIsOne #BirthdayBoy #KINGY #1 #MAMAKING #THANKFULHEART #GRATEFUL #KINGANDRE ”




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