The world of Arts, Advertising and culture have gradually become a symbiotic Synergy. In a planet where perception is as real as reality itself, every creature including human beings cannot hide from this truth.
This article seeks to unveil a very important discovery that big or small business owners could cleave to in order to increase sales and cash in turn. My observations unveil links between these three parts for effective business, and since Knowledge is power; it is, therefore, imperative that we come to terms with this fact so as to be able to use this to our advantage and the enrichment of our lives as well as the world at large. It’s good to come to terms with these concepts so as to appreciate them even more. However, what is their origin, what do they really mean?
In anthropology, geography and other social sciences, a contiguous geographic area is one within which most societies share many traits in common. (Culture area. (2010). Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Student and Home Edition. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica). This is a definition of culture, the key for me would be the sharing of traits together, that is to say, language could suffice as an arm of culture, the peoples of the former Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, for instance, have similar cultural traits, some still maintain such till today. The “cowboys” in the north of America also have a similar culture, we could also allude to the fact that there is a link between Race and Culture. The dark-skinned people of the world, as well as their white, greenish and yellowish counterparts, share cultural inclinations. And since the world in itself is the total geographic ball, then such abstract realities as politics, diplomacy, love, death, etc. are all included in this broad subject. We could logically argue for and against these points in relation to culture, but this may not be the avenue for that. Our concern here is to show the beauty and harmony of these concepts or what I call creative forces and their link with each other.
Various persons have limited their understanding of Art to its entertainment only. By this, they infer that musicians, sculptors, painters, photographers, etc., showcase their works only for amusement and pleasure, get applauded and remunerated. We may excuse the shadows on their scope, and may rather finger the world’s mass media for this piecemeal misrepresentation of nature. Of course, the relevance of arts has its various parts and each has its roots in the evergreen rivers of nature which are inexhaustible. Many go unappreciated and others may not be recognized or seen, not perhaps in this lifetime. As an example of such, I believe if professional photographers could capture fresh the fascinating display of carbon monoxide emitted from fighter jets in the skies during independence or other special events, that would be a value of art like it has never been seen before; or if we could see a stage drama live that gradually evolves into a high definition (HD) cinema piece or something akin to it. All these lie within the creativity of the human mind, there are indeed no limitations as far as art is concerned because it’s in the human.
Written by: Ben Omage 2017
Media content consultant 
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