Motivation Monday: How Desperate Are You To See Change? Your Action Will Surely Determine It!


Live your authentic life by being different

Let me tell you something.  You see, having a net alone does not make you a fisherman. To have licence to drive without you driving does not make you a driver neither being a Christian without sharing the faith you have with others through soul winning makes you an influential child of God.

Having a diploma alone in whatever does not make you relevance or significance in society unless you start practicing what you have learnt. Learning alone does not make you rich or wealthy unless you implement what you have learnt.

What else have you done with your diploma? Have you volunteered yourself to work with companies who may need your skills?  

Have you thought of mentoring others within the field or area you have studied to provide support to the youth in the society while waiting to get a job?

Many at time society teaches us to acquire knowledge from schools, colleges and universities, but what they fail to tell us or show us is how we can turn what we have learnt to create jobs for ourselves and the community we live in. What we do after school is crucial for the fulfilment of our dream and aspirations.  Having aspirations without inspiration brings about frustrating and derailments of destiny.

Most of us finished school long time ago, yet cannot find suitable job. It doesn’t mean we are not useful in the job market. However, we should be ready to relearn, unlearn and learn newer things. The world has changed and is still changing.  Everything around us is changing by the day. In view of this, we can’t afford to remain unchallenged and uninspired to take positive step to see changes in our personal life.

These days, most people especially the youth have completed school, college or university and are home on social media. Some complain there are no jobs for them to do, yet find the time to go to café to Facebook, or chat on other social media sites. When I hear this, the question that comes into mind is that what else have they tried to get themselves useful and productive in society apart from spending those valuable time chatting and wasting precious time?

Sometimes, it isn’t what we are not doing or getting to do as long as job is concern is the issue, but as to whether we ready to off load the baggage of the schooling system to step into entrepreneurship system where we can use the skills or knowledge gained from books into practical fieldwork to help build communities through our transferrable skills.

The world has stopped feeding people. The world has stopped breastfeeding us all. The world is teaching us how to be proactive and dynamic about the changes happening around us.

If there will ever be a time to start making ourselves useful in society then the time is now. We can’t allow our dreams and aspiration to die in hand. This is the time to take action to make your dreams come true.  Nothing happens by chance but through deliberate action and steps. What step are you taking to see that dream come alive?

There will always be setbacks in life but it does not mean we should stop living our life, dream and aspiration or allow them to die.

Diploma,  HND, BSC, MASTERS, whatever we aspire to have after school won’t feed us unless we step out there to make ourselves available to be useful regardless of the qualifications and degree we have for ourselves from schools, colleges and universities.

Unless we begin to take action to change your condition, nothing will change around us.  We must have the burning hunger, desire and determination to see change in our lives. How desperate are you for a change in your personal life?

Jesus Christ once told Peter to cast his net into the deep sea to catch more fishes. My question is; Are you ready to forget about your old experiences and begin to dive or dig deeper into yourself to discover what else life has for you after school?

Schooling has an end, but education hasn’t. You may be too old to back to school but not too old to educate yourself. It is time to educate and renew your mind for the future ahead.

I dare you to step out of the box to begin to go out to provide free services to others and companies and see how fast your life change. I have BSc in PUBLIC HEALTH, but guess what!! I am not waiting to get a job in that field especially when there are no jobs in my that area. I have decided to work as a low rank in a hospital although sometimes, it gets upsetting and undermining. The most import thing is that family are looked after and bills are being paid through what I am doing right now in anticipating for my rightful job to come. You will be amazed to know that my books are all published from the salary I earn without being a burden on anyone for sponsorship. How desperate are you to see a change?  Your action will surely determine it.

Never waste time waiting but encourage yourself to take the necessary steps to make your dream come through. You are in the best moment of your life. Take advantage of the moment to discover your talents in order to maximise your destiny.

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson Author

Ferdinard Lawson graduated from Sussex University and holds a BSc Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is the Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C (FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is a Multiple Awards Winning Author, Public Speaker and a Lifestyle Coach. He has published many inspirational, motivational books, and leadership books and full member of the Royal society for Public Health. England. He is currently the Co-Chairman of Mega (Kingston Hospital Trust.

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