International Women’s Day: (WAW) Women Appreciating Women Launches in London today, March 8th!


Women Appreciating Women WAW

London tonight, March 8th 2017, hosts the historic launch of (WAW) Women Appreciating Women. A movement for visionary women all over the world with a gala dinner and awards night.

For International Women’s Day, the organisation and its members forms a movement to support women with no prejudice, no barrier, no clique, a community of women helpers, a place where a woman can find another woman to lift her up. ‘Women together make the world a better place’. Said founder; Dr Pauline Long.

Women Appreciating Women is a groundbreaking movement by women for women to appreciate and support each other in business, projects and general well-being. Our key ethos are: 

1. To spread human love. 
2. To lift each other up.
3. To do business together harmoniously. 
4. To support women in need.
5. To support projects for women by women. 
6. To be there for each other. 
 7. To promote sisterhood. 
8. To raise and praise each other.

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