London Media Personality Evelyn Obahor takes a bold step & Presents ‘Justeve London Fragrance!


Justeve London Fragrance

London-based media personality Evelyn Obahor spreads her talent wings even further by presenting us with ‘Justeve London Fragrance’. The founder of JUSTEVE talk show hinted she was working on a new project. While in Italy last week, she revealed she had been working on her first ever fragrance. Below is what she had to say.

Evelyn Obahor

“I have always loved everything that has to do with beauty fashion and style. Growing up my cousin Ese Ekemike used to tell me that I would wear a rag and it would sit well on me and make it look expensive (not that I wear rags 😀). Well I have being working on this project for more than 2 and half years now. When I started out I knew absolutely about perfumes and how to go about making one.

Neither did I have any money. I just knew exactly what I wanted and that I was going to do it. I just believed in myself and didn’t care much what people said most telling me I couldn’t do it. One or two people only believed in me and gave me their thoughts. I have a said who used to tell me all the time that I would build castles in the air and make them concrete. Well I guess that’s what I’ve done here. I’ve worked my butt off on this project, I’ve got to certain stages and started all over again just because I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing or what I was given just cos it wasn’t what I wanted. Did a perfume course and studied mostly on YouTube so that when the experts talked to me I knew what they were saying and could agree or disagree. One thing about me is that I never follow the norm, I break all the rules and just do my thing. Could I call myself a trendsetter? Cos when I’ve done it people see that I can actually work the way I’ve done it. Pls note I have not take out a loan to get this job done.I’ve had absolutely no investment. Just going along at my own time and pace.

My dear friends may I present to you JUSTEVE LONDON FRAGRANCE. Gods name be praised!!!. Thanks a million to those that have supported me in all my endeavours over the years. God will continue to bless you. Save the date for the launch coming soon!!!


A big Congratulations!

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