Paul Okoye (PSQUARE) Expresses Himself on Nigerians and their Judgemental Ways and Over Criticism of Celebs!


Paul Okoye took to instagram today to share his frustration on judgemental nigerians that like to criticise or always have something to say about celeb and what they do with their status and it seems he was speaking everybody’s mind as it has been on repost all day. We all Know Nigerians are like the biggest critics of all and he has something to say to the ones who just go overboard.

So he shares this post to Express Himself!


“You help someone today, they call you show off …. you help in silence, they call you stingy,…#onlyinnaija …to an extent even when people need serious help, going public seeking for help or trying to raise fund, u will still hear some people saying “must they go public ” mehhnnn ….. I taya!!! …. yes I know some will say ur reward is in heaven …but then must you kill and discourage while we re on earth!! Am sure as am typing these words now, some English teachers are cheking my grammar 🤔 that’s the life we live in🙄… have a great week all 🙏 #idontcarewhatyouthink “

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