Peter Odianosen Eromosele: HOW DO YOU START YOUR TODAY?


The way you start your day, determines how your day goes and the result you hope to produce. Most of us start our day with the disappointment of yesterday, and make it come into play on our today. What you conceive in your heart whether positive or negative, determines your mood, move and the kind of day you produce for yourself.

The best way you can start your today, is when you first commit your day into the hands of God, you should empty yourself from the problems and worry of yesterday and fill it with what you hope to carry out today. When your heart is full of burden, it makes you lose focus and be distracted from the goal you hope to achieve today, but when is empty, it gives you room for fresh ideas on how to strategize on the day’s business to produce the exact result you seek.

Your yesterday is gone, and no matter how you disturb yourself about it, it can never become your today, and for you not to regret your today, you should leave everything that connect you with your yesterday behind and open a new note of your today. A day well start with the mind of today, put you at an advantage to overcome any obstacles that tend to disrupt it, by making you become aware and be alert to take control. Always remember this, that God owns your today, and you should always make Him part of every of your daily plans, if you must achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself daily. A new day is a new day and should not be disrupt with an old day, in order to have a fulfilled day. You will succeed! Happy new week.


Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele

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