Ladies Get In Here!: M.A.C Cosmetics Releases New ‘Next to Nothing’ Foundation!


Makeup giant M.A.C Cosmetics today, released a new foundation named ‘Next to Nothing‘ for makeup lovers who still want to achieve a no makeup-makeup look.

According to Marie Claire, the beauty giant’s newest formulas are packed with nourishing ingredients and light-reflecting opalescent microspheres. Plus, they have hydrating properties that allow for the product to double as both a primer and foundation. Using cutting-edge technology to help you nail the whole dewy, fresh-faced look.

Along with the Next to Nothing foundation, M.A.C is also dropping pressed powders that can be applied after the foundation for a lightweight, glowy finish.

The Next to Nothing foundation goes for $31 and Pressed Powders are $27, both come in nine different shades and will be available in-store and online on April 6, 2017.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

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