The 3rd European Regional Congress of FIDA 2017 which took Place In London Focused on Empowerment of women, Children & Family in Todays Globalization!


The 3rd European Regional Congress of FIDA (worldwide) took place on Thursday, 30th of March 2017 at Hilton Park Lane, London. The successful event organised by Regional Vice-president; Ms Jessie Madu-Nwabueze was attended by H.E. Dr. Alex Ekwueme (Former Vice- President of Federal Republic of Nigeria). The theme for the event was: ‘Rule of Law in International Market Place & its Impact on gender issues‘.

FIDA is an International non-governmental organisation. Their mission is to advocate and promote the welfare of women, children and family. They organisation promote and create awareness of the principles and aims of the United Nations. The also work to establish friendly international relations on a mutual basis and advance the opportunities available to women in civic life, politics, education, business and mostly the legal profession amongst other things.

The purpose of the event is to continue the debate and dialogue on progress, challenges and focus on sustained and sustainable empowerment of women, the Girl child/children and family in today’s world of Globalization. 

H.E. Dr. Alex Ekwueme and his wife H.E. Dr. Mrs Helen Ekwueme were special guests of honour.

Notable speakers at the event includes; Sir Bernard Rix QC (Keynote speaker), Hon. Justice Jocelynee A. Scott (Barrister & Human Rights Lawyer, Fr. Michael Quaicoe (Chaplain & Human Right Lawyer), Dr. Comfort Momoh (MBE FGM & Public Health Specialist), Dr. Karen Brewer, Ilaria Ongaro (Lawyer)  and Nicoletta Errassanito (Lawyer)

Topics discussed at the event includes;

  • Human Rights
  • Trafficking amongst women and children and what the church is doing about it
  • Women’s health –  An overview of the ignorance and impact of FGM
  •  Need for legal strategies against commercialisation of little girls body and image through pageants and competitions.

After questions and answers, an unveiling of the 1st Founders remembrance/Memorial cake was cut by H.E. Dr. Helen Ekwueme after a short prayer by Fr. Michael  Qaicoe

Regional Vice-president; Ms Jessie Madu-Nwabueze, thanked everyone who came to the event. She also provided personal presents for the delighted speakers before networking and socialising with other guests and attendees.



FIDA Regional Vice-president: Ms Jessie Madu-Nwabueze giving a speech

Right: H.E. Dr. Alex Ekwueme & Sir Bernard Rix QC

H.E. Dr. Alex Ekwueme (Former Vice- President of Federal Republic of Nigeria)

Sir Bernard Rix QC (Keynote Speaker)

Fr. Michael Quaicoe (Chaplain & Human Right Lawyer at Westminister Cathedral)

Dr. Comfort Momohg MBE FGM & Public Health Specialist at Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital London

 Dr. Karen Brewer

From Right: Nicoletta Errassantito & Ilaria Ongaro (Lawyers from Italy)


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