Toniaamaka Chrisokere: Which ever way you were born, you are a product of SEX!


A man/woman is a stranger you met. Because he/she is not your biologically related to you.
That is why he/she can not instantly love you like God because they did not create you. Something attracted them to you and may need more to stay that is WHY HUMAN LOVE IS CONDITIONAL.

A child is a seed of man and woman.
And because you are responsible for your flesh and blood/ children, PARENTAL LOVE becomes UNCONDITIONAL LOVE because you conceived them and MUST NURTURE THEM AND UNCONDITIONALLY MEET THEIR BASIC NEEDS.

God is the Uncreated Creator who created man and woman and put an organ to use to procreate which is SEX. Which makes us humans products of SEX. That is why we can NEVER BE LIKE CHRIST JESUS because we are products of SEX but He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Whichever way you were born, you are a product of SEX.

Some were conceived through lovemaking …a man and woman who were attracted to each other, made love and conceived and were both HAPPY to nurture that seed right from the raise HAPPY CHILDREN because they are HAPPY to bear children and face the responsibility that comes with childbearing.

Some were just conceived through SEX and chose to keep it not because the SEX was great…it just happened and the ONLY option was to keep it.

Some were raped and were hated from the womb and was only kept too because it was the only practical option.

Some children do not know who their BIOLOGICAL PARENTS ARE because they fell into the category of those who were not conceived IN LOVE…

But you can love YOU by doing for yourself those things you believe love is or should be because love means different things to different people.

If you think or believe that people are not fair to you, then, channel your time to be fair to yourself by yourself and refuse to accept unfairness from THEM ANYMORE.

The womb of women is the only practical available channel to enter into this side of life AND LOVE MAKING/ SEX/RAPE is how conception takes place.

However, soon and very soon with all the sperm banks available NOW technology is about to make baby-making available to whoever can afford it and when they want it..

But family planning clinics are helping to STOP baby making without love, joy excitement because you are not YET ready for such responsibility because LOVE MAKING/SEX/RAPE comes with a price with is CONCEPTION.

Fortunately, the law keeps changing generation after generation to ADJUST to what is WORKABLE. If the law is not practically working in favour of those that need it, each generation fight to CHANGE it AND LAWMAKERS MUST COMPLY to favour them because they are paid to SERVE THE PUBLIC with fairness and justice.

I Love You Dad….


Toniaamaka Chrisokere is a single mother of four Sickle Cell Children. God used her pain to transform her life. She is home schooled by God Himself and He’s trusted her with an undocumented truth which time can NEVER PROVE wrong that there’s only one Uncreated Creator who created everyone and everything and loves all His creatures with an IRREVOCABLE Love that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone and anyone is relevant. In her spare time, Toniaamake is a playful soul, a lover of music who also enjoy dancing.
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