It is abnormal in a normal world to see a man who has everything he needed choosing the hard way out. Nobody enjoys suffering, no one intentionally likes to go through the horrible and terrible experiences of life. Any man who tells you he enjoys it, surely there must be something wrong with his mental faculty.

So when we see people willing to go through the worst of life just to achieve a cause then we must be ready to find out what they have discovered; since there is more that meet the eyes. When some people clearly go the opposite way, we must try to find out what they saw.

This season we celebrate the sacrifice of one man who was willing to leave His posh place and exalted domain to come rescue you in your dungeon. He sacrificed his comfort just to bring you forth into where He is. He chose and willingly died for a cause. He signed His death sentence. What cause are you willing to die for? Are you living or just existing? If you are not willing to lay your life for something, you are not fit to live because if you must live, live for something. The world isruleof dead men, people who put their life, and all that pertains to comfort on the line just to make the world a better place than it is already.

If you have not found something worth dying for, you are not fit to live. Men who made marks on the earth were and are people who told themselves “I must get this done even if it cost me my life, I don’t care for I have signed my death sentence” in reality they don’t really die. When Esther went at the wrong time to see the king, her conclusion was “if I perish, I perish” she never perished. Those who really perish are those who value their lives and try to safeguard it. If you are trying to save your life you will lose it, but if you are willing to sacrifice it, you will not only have it you will live it in abundance. No guts, no glory, Silencers have guts, that’s why their glory radiates beyond the normal. You are a Silencer! God bless you!

Enjoy your day

2017…we rise.rule.reign!

© Succeeding At Your Risk, April 2017 #47

Written by: Onuoha Obinna Ignatius

Facebook: Onuoha Obinna Ignatius
Instagram: Ig_inspirer
Twitter: Onuoha_ig

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