Mike Ikem Umealo: What Is A Broken Home?


Many people assume that the term “Broken Home” is limited to when couples with children separate or possibly divorced. The child or children are then said to come from a “broken home.” If this is agreeable, then to a great extent it makes the second error of assuming that only couples with children would best suit the description of “the home” because in the public consciousness is the belief that “coming from a broken home” is a direct reference to the children which means ONLY parents with children make a home. Ok, before I confuse you, let me not confuse myself.

But first let me tell you this: Broken homes don’t start with a divorce certificate. Broken homes start with broken trusts, betrayals, dishonesty, etc… Divorce is merely an end to a bad experience. So respect yourself.

Now, about a “Broken Home.” The fact that you are still married and your friend is divorced does not mean that your Friend has a “broken Home,” and your Family is intact. 

This is what a “Broken Home” means especially if you are living with a long-term partner or if you are married….

– Each abuse you inflict on your partner- wife or husband- emotionally, mentally, financially or physically- is a direct blow to the marital bond. That’s a shattered marriage right there. You will have broken your family- home. How else do you break things?

– Each round of infidelity, that is to say, each “any other pussy you licked/fucked or any other dick you sucked/fucked” you will have broken your family- home. How else do you break a vow?

– if you take a second wife without her agreement, you will have broken your family- home. How else do you break an agreement?

– if you sleep with your secretary, you will have broken your family- home. How else do you betray another’s trust?

– if you sleep with your office boss and you come home and still have the mind to hug and kiss your “domestic boss,” you will have broken your family home. What manner of woman are you?

So stop assuming that because former Mrs Aba decided not to endure what Mrs Owerri is enduring, that means Mrs Owerri is better than Mrs Aba. Or that one has an “unbroken home” and the other doesn’t.

What arrogance? 

Receive sense!

What manner of woman calls another “a divorcee? 

Is it a curse or what?

What manner of a woman says to another, “she can’t stay in her husband’s house?” What if she decided to stay in her own house, and not in a house that doesn’t belong to her in a backward society; filled with backward “mental entities?”

Evidence abound to show that divorced women and men have built solid homes, more graceful and peaceful and loving than the home of a husband and wife where blows are thrown at each other every day and especially on Sunday mornings before they go to church; plus daily exchange of hurtful words!

So, you no know? If you doubt, start looking closely at some of those women who wear thick sunglasses inside a church. There is a possibility that “they got black eyes from a fight” before they came to church.

Listen, former Mrs Aba, has proudly collected her certificate, and boldly written on it are the words “Divorce Certificate.” Yes, it may not be how she wanted her relationship and marriage to end, but that’s her reality.

However, you, Mrs Owerri, every day, you collect one punch and boldly written on your face is “Unhappily Married,” yet you think you are better than Mrs Aba? The difference here is that Mrs Aba “emego free” while you are still in bondage like an apprentice because you either care too much about what people would say or because you are confused; so you are managing by creating unhappiness and instability and emotional torture for the same children that you are meant to protect.


Written by: Mike Ikem Umealo

(MIU, April. 2017)

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