Motivation Monday: Persevere, Pursue and Possess Your Dream!


What you don’t Pursue, you don’t Possess!

Ferdinand Senyo Lawson

One of the greatest tools in life is perseverance. Perseverance is a very powerful tool we all need to have if we want to achieve our dream and goals in life. 

To become a person of relevant and significant, you will need to have a great level of perseverance to keep moving, doing, and chiselling the best out of you regardless of the challenges, disappointment, failure or pressures of life. This simply means without this tool, you can never develop the courage and desire to press on in the pursuit of your dream, goal, aim, purpose and aspiration in life. 

You need to be persistent in whatever you do in life if only you want to become successful in your area of gifting and purpose.  Perseverance gives you power to remain focus in spite of challenges, hurdles, obstacles and disappointments that we face; we stay connected to our vision in life. It takes a lot of endurance to be successful in life.  

They know exactly what they want to achieve and get in from the gold rock; therefore they remain persistent in digging until they extract the gold ore. What are you trying to chisel out of life? It is not going to be easy for you to achieve that but your ability to remain persistent in pursuing that very thing is what will make it easy for you to achieve that dream.  

Yes, sometimes life situations may pose a challenge just to prevent you from chiselling the best out or doing your best to become what you are meant to be. There will be reasons as to why you should give up on that dream, goals, book, music, football, trade, or whatever you want to do. You can be faced with rejection from loves one, names callings, abuse and isolation from the very people you wish should understand the vision and purpose for your life.  

All these things can easily throw fear and doubt at you just to ensure that you fail at what you really want to achieve. However, your ability to remain steadfast, focus and determined is what will give you the victory and success you need to become a person of influence, relevant and significant. Don’t let things or anyone move you away from the very purpose you are created and alive for.   

Sometimes the temptation to give up on the dream and aspiration can be high. The challenges and obstacles may be diverting your attention off the dream of becoming an author, teacher, doctor, boxer, farmer; whatever it is, you must not allow negative opinion or suggestion from people and the things around steal your passion.  

Step up and keep up. You are destined to succeed in whatever you put your mind to do. You never know how well you can swim until you step into the river. Until you stretch yourself, you may never embrace the success you want. Learn to stretch your ability, talent and gifting so as to be able to become a master of them. You must learn to bend and be flexible enough to learn newer skills necessary for what you want to be in life.  

Your ability to bend will determine your breakthrough. 

This means that, to chisel the gold out of your mine, you will have to embrace change and adopt ways in which you can learn new ways of doing thing you may not be comfortable with. You don’t have to conform but change the way you think about yourself and the potential you carry in the inside of you.  

Your ability to be stretched is what determines your success in life. You must be ready to go or do something extra to put your talent into the race of success. This is what successful people do on a daily bases. They challenge themselves out of their lazy self by motivating, training and educating themselves to develop their natural ability to add value to the world they live in. what are you waiting for?  

However, when we doubt ourselves, it creates or gives other the platform to sow the seed of doubt in us. We then begin to doubt our ability to achieve something significant for ourselves, hence depending on people to validate us before to step out to get the best in life. 

You cannot doubt yourself and become successful in life. 

Failure and disappointments are the fruits of self- doubt. You must never allow or entertain people who doubt your ability to make progress in life.  Yes, you may face challenges here and there but it does not stop you from believing in yourself. 

Self-doubt is a mental mountain. This makes it difficult for you to think positively and progressively. It takes a lot of confidence to overcome this mental block. You must do everything to build your internal force to motivate yourself into success you want to achieve.  

Regardless of how your dream and aspiration may seem at the moment, you have the grace; will-power and intelligence to achieve it. The road may seem hard, the weather may seem unfavourable and life itself may pose a great challenge to your vision, but your ability to persevere what will help you achieve your dream. 

You are created and designed to be who you. No one is created to be like you and neither are you to be like others. Therefore, regardless what others do in life should not stop you from using or deploying your unique strengths and talents.  

You may not be where you want to be in life yet, but you’re closer than you were last night.  So don’t get side-tracked by your past mistakes and failures. You must remain steadfast and dedicated to your vision in life so as to forge ahead into significance.  


Ferdinard Senyo Lawson Author

Ferdinard Lawson graduated from Sussex University and holds a BSc Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is the Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C (FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is a Multiple Awards Winning Author, Public Speaker and a Lifestyle Coach.  

He writes as a columnist for well-renounced magazines both in Africa and Europe. He has won many others awards and recognitions for his writings and lifestyle coaching. He serves as a Leadership Ambassador for TRUE AFRICAN HERITAGE in the United Kingdom. 

He has published many inspirational, motivational books, and leadership books and a full member of the Royal society for Public Health. England. He is currently the Co-Chairman of Minority Ethnicity Group for All (MEGA) Kingston Hospital Trust. Ferdinard senyo Lawson is married to his wife Mrs Deborah Zara Lawson and they blessed with two lovely children; Prince Joshua Seyram-Yaw Lawson and Princess Jessica SeynamYawa Lawson.


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