Motivation Monday: Make It Your Business to ‘BE PUNCTUAL’


Peter Odianosen Eromosele

Punctuality is the bedrock towards anything you tend to achieve in life, and if you must be reckoned with anything you do, you must become a timekeeper. You don’t expect people to take you seriously when you fail to always be punctual during an engagement, you must first impress them by keeping to time.

People who are known to be punctual, are always accorded the respect when you book an appointment with them, you must get everything ready beforehand, and make sure that anything that will distract you from delaying is being taken care of. You can’t say you are going for an appointment, be it a Job interview, business interview, etc, and the time is slated for 8 am, then you appear by 8:30 am. That alone shows how unserious you are not to be successful in that appointment.

Your punctuality is the first point of call to your success, in whatever you do, and when you are known for it, it gives a good impression about your person and makes people be time conscious when dealing with you. Your punctuality is a true reflection of who you are, and what you represent, and it leaves a lasting legacy in the mind of those you have come in contact with.

When you possess the habit of punctuality in anything you do, it attracts people to you, to also do the same, mostly when you are a leader. Your punctuality shows how ready you are to always learn and give your best in your endeavour.

Start becoming punctual from today, and see how progressive you become in whatever you do. Time is precious, and it is only those that knows it values, appreciates and keep to it. You will succeed!

Good morning.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele, a passionate and intelligent writer who likes to make the world a better place through the power of writing,  a gift given to him. Peter is happily married with two beautiful children and resides in Nigeria. You can enjoy more of his educative write-up via his Facebook page by clicking on his name above.

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