The 5th edition of NollywoodWeek Paris Film Festival is here, Checkout Schedules & Selected Movies!


The 5th Edition of Nollywood Week Film Festival kicks off yesterday May 11th. Seeing films such as; 76 movie by Izu Ojukwu, The wedding party, Dinner, Gidi blues and more being showcased to the world. The 4 days film event will end on Sunday.

NollywoodWeek is a yearly film festival that showcases the best of the Nigerian film industry with the aim of finding a larger audience and more sustainable distribution system for these quality films. The festival is organised by Okada Media, an association based in Paris, France headed by Serge Noukoué and Nadira Shakur.

The 2017 Nollywood Week Film Festival is starting today, May 11 until Sunday, May 14, at the Harlequin Theatre in Paris.


For more information on how to submit your film or attend, head over to

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