Nigerian parenting conference being organised to address growing youth violence!


Nigerian Parenting Conference

Nigerian families across the UK are being invited to a special parenting conference in London on June 10 as part of an initiative to address the growing breakdown of family units of late that has resulted in a significant rise in violent youth crime.

Over recent years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of Nigerian youths resorted to violent crime with dozens of stabbings and shootings, particularly in London. Many community leaders attribute this to the breakdown of families, pointing out that this vacuum has been filled by gangs, with many Nigerian youths now resorting to drugs, crime and weapons.

Organised by Klimax, a non-profit organisation (NGO), the conference has been called for June 10 and will take place at Ceme in Marsh way in Rainham, Essex. Starting at 12 noon and lasting until 5pm, it will feature addresses from several community leaders who will give their insight into how they believe the growing breakdown of families can be averted.

Klimax founder Kemi Tomide-Johnson

Klimax founder Kemi Tomide-Johnson, said: “Recently, there have been worrying happenings among children in the black community. Statistical evidence confirms a growing number of children in social care are involved in gangs, gun and knife crimes and have been remanded in prisons, which has been linked to our style of parenting and our lack of cultural integration.

“Our NGO Klimax, was formed with the vision to help families and individuals build strong relationships which are sustainable, healthy and fulfilling. We provide practical forums on relationship skills and empowerment as well as real term support in times of family difficulties by supporting couples and Individuals in relationships.”

Among the community leaders who will talk at the event will be Charles Khiran, Abby Ojo, Ronke Udofia, David Doherty, Chichi Ikeji, Temitope Olodo and Tola Onigbanjo. Put together with the theme Protecting our Future, the conference has the support of the Metropolitan Police and the charity Africans United Against Child Abuse (Afruca).

Ms Tomide-Johnson added: ” This parent conference was put together to create a hub of for discussing the urgent and critical need to strengthen and expanding our parenting skills. We hope to do this looking inward and exploring practical solutions with the aim of  overcoming the painful challenges were are facing as parents and as a community as whole.

“As a non for profit organisation Klimax aims to facilitate the community’s effort in facilitating good relationship education and  increasing the skills capacity. We have therefore embarked on this project to support families and individuals by providing this relationship skills and empowerment conference, with the aim of reducing  and preventing juvenile crimes and anti-social behaviours within our community and the country as a whole.”

She pointed out that the aims of the conference include to provide a collective of understanding of the challenges of present day parenting and how family relationship impacts children. It will also seek to provide and facilitate a hub of support and signpost for families, children and individuals who are adversely impacted  as a result  of the above highlighted points.

In addition, the conference will also identify challenging behaviours, risk factors and make possible recommendations for parents and people who are responsible for social care. It will also seek to empower delegates to reach their individual networks and offer necessary support.

For more information contact:

Kemi Tomide-Johnson                                                            Ronke Udofia

07897 474 114                                                                         07828 119 278                                          

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