Peter Odianosen Eromosele: Why Should You Remain Relevant?


The people you see dominating their sphere today, are paying more sacrifice than ever before to remain relevant. You can’t get to the top and feel that you have arrived, no! That it the time you have to pay more price to sustain it. You can’t afford to get to the top, and think it is all over, no! That is where the big work start, and for you to survive it, you must make yourself a household name, by differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Staying on top to remain relevant, is a task you must undergo, because, why you are there, a lot of people are striving to meet you there, and how you are able to improve on what you do, will differentiate you from them, even when they get there. You must continuously improve on yourself and ensure it reflects in whatever you do. Starting from the bottom is difficult, likewise maintaining it when you get to the top, and while remaining on top to become relevance, determines your continuous improvement.

I just want to use the likes of Lionel Messi of Argentina and Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid, to explain the word relevance. Though a lot of people have been arguing who is the best amongst them, but the fact remains that they are both relevance in their respective areas, and remain the best in the world of today’s football. This can be ascertained with the numbers of awards and trophies they have both won, which is an indication of their relevance. You find out that they try to maintain their relevance by improving in every season to make sure they surpass their previous performance. This is why use see that the world best today, is being shared between them and with the world celebrating both of them. This is what simply relevance is all about in whatever you do, you must work more on yourself in that career, business, job, craft, skills, etc, to remain in that top spot. Becoming relevance is never might for the lazy but for the brave. You will succeed!

Happy Weekend.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele, a passionate and intelligent writer who likes to make the world a better place through the power of writing,  a gift given to him. Peter is happily married with two beautiful children and resides in Nigeria. You can enjoy more of his educative write-up via his Facebook page by clicking on his name above.

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