Motivation Monday: Why Wait? Get Busy!


You can’t be waiting all your life, because someone promise to help you, you should get yourself busy why waiting. You can’t say you are expecting something from someone, you remain idle, my dear friend, no matter how sure what you are expecting is, you should get busy with yourself.

People most times, fail to help those, that have not show any reason to help themselves, and it is the process of getting yourself busy, you can get whatever help you seek.

Abraham Lincoln said, and i quote, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”. This simply tells you that, why waiting, you can only get the remnants from people, who are busy, but when you get yourself busy, you have the choice of what you want for yourself. You might be expecting that contract, business, job, etc, that doesn’t necessitate you to remain idle, you should get yourself busy, so that, when it comes, you have the choice of either accepting, or rejecting it. This is the only way, you can decide for yourself what you actually need in life.

A lot of people have missed it, all because they are waiting for one friend, uncle, brother, politicians, etc, who has promised to help them. They so much rely on these people to help them, thereby decided not to do anything. You can never get the best in life, if you believe that person you hold in high esteem, will help you, and because of that, you refuse to get yourself busy. My friend, you don’t have to put your hope on any man, even if they promised to help you, why waiting for their help, you should first help yourself out, so that when they disappointment you, you already have a landing for yourself. To wait for something, and fail to get busy with yourself, is to waste your time and life. Why waiting, get busy.

You will succeed! Happy New Week.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromoselea passionate and intelligent writer who likes to make the world a better place through the power of writing,  a gift given to him. Peter is happily married with two beautiful children and resides in Nigeria. You can enjoy more of his educative write-up via his Facebook page by clicking on his name above.

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