Motivation Monday: Take A Walk When You Are No Longer Comfortable!


The true happiness you can ever derived in life, is when you are comfortable with what you do in a place you operate, and you should not for any reason, trade your happiness for anything in life, except you have decided to remain sad. There are people, where they operate, they are no longer comfortable, despite what they try to do, to be comfortable, but to no avail, but you still see them staying there, all in the name that one day, they will be comfortable.

True happiness is not what you can buy with money, when the comfort you seek is not found where you operate, despite all that you have done to be comfortable, prove abortive, my dear friend, you have to leave that environment, your placenta is not tied to that place, except you have decided to sacrifice your comfort for discomfort. No matter the result you produce where you are not comfortable, you are only wasting your time, because you will never get the satisfaction that goes with the result.

What makes a man more productive in any where he operate, is the comfort he derives why doing his work. When you are comfortable, it makes you more relaxed and gives you the ability to become creative in solving problems. The absence of comfort, can only bring crises, and if you are found in a place that your comfort is being threatened, my friend, please know that your services is no longer needed. You don’t need to wait to be told, you should as a matter of urgency, leave that environment for the seek of your comfort.

There is no way you can give your best in a place that you are not comfortable, what you need to do, is to leave and go where you will be comfortable to make your productivity count. Your comfort is not what you should compromise if you seek for true happiness and true happiness is what you need to live the best of life.

You will succeed! 

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosel

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