Nkechi Bianze: Ladies STOP Putting your lives on hold all because you are not married!


    Feminist advocate, Nkechi Bianze writes an open letter to young ladies, encouraging them to live their life and stop putting it on hold because they’re single or not yet married. ‘Stop living below your standards just to make someone else comfortable in their fragile egos‘. She said.


    “Dear single ladies,

    If you can afford a mansion as a single woman and you like it, BUY IT!

    If you can afford the most expensive car as a single woman and you like it, BUY IT!

    STOP putting your lives on hold all because you are not married.
    Stop existing as if your lives revolve around men, and if you don’t get married, you will cease to exist after a while. This is exactly why some men think they are doing you a favour just by marrying you.

    Marriage is good when you find the right person for you. But it’s NOT a necessity for your normal and continous existence.

    I have NEVER seen a man who refused to enjoy his wealth because he is not married. Why then do some rich Nigerian women prefer to jump on buses or drive “locomotive engines” when they can comfortably afford good cars?

    You think it will scare them away? So what?!
    You are not on earth to massage fragile egos.
    Why should you even want to marry a man who is threatened by your success?

    Listen let me tell you this.

    Any man who is uncomfortable and or feels emasculated by a (more) successful woman has deep rooted inferiority complex issues and life threatening self-esteem issues. What such a man needs is REHAB, not a woman to lower herself for his satisfaction. No right thinking woman should even marry such, till he fully recovers.

    Stop living below your standards just to make someone else comfortable in their fragile egos.
    It’s not your fault that anyone is poorer, less educated, less travelled and less everything than you are. So, you don’t have to suffer the consequences by depriving yourself of the good things of life, which you can afford with your hard earned money.

    The ONLY reason I don’t have a house to my name is because I don’t have the money. As soon as I make the money, I will buy the biggest mansion that I like and can afford. My marital status will be completely inconsequential in my decision.

    SHAME on parents who still go ahead to raise men who are threatened by the success of their female counterparts.

    I hate it when I see some women depriving themselves of some things they want and can afford, simply for the stupid excuse of not wanting to scare potential suitors.

    Our society created men with fragile egos and raised women (also with low self-esteems) to believe that their main purpose on earth is to massage such fragile egos.

    They tell you not to buy a car, and if you must, make sure it’s a small one.
    They tell you not to buy a land and start building a house, because your success will scare men away from you.
    They tell you not to appear too flashy.

    STUPID advice being given to successful single women on a daily.

    And if you are a single woman who listens to those lines of advice and practice them, YOU NEED HELP TOO!


    Written by: Nkechi Bianze.

    Nkechi Bianze is a student, feminist advocate and a fearless writer. You can follow her on Facebook to read more of her interesting arguments here

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