Uganda Enforces Strict dress Code for Civil Servants, Urging mostly Women to”dress decently”.


Uganda government releases a circular guiding civil servants’ dressing after receiving several complaints. Female staff have been told not to show any cleavage, wear brightly coloured nails, braids or hair extensions, sleeveless or transparent blouses. Men must wear long-sleeved shirts, jackets and ties, while trousers should not be tight-fitting.

The order was put in place in 2010 but has not yet been implemented until now, and said to have any woman wearing a dress above the knee length will be arrested. The rules has kicked off with civil servants.

The guidelines which is issued by the Ministry of Public Service apply to all non-uniformed civil servants. But there is a feeling that female staff are the main focus on the new rules.

While women will be allowed to wear pant-suits, they have been warned not to wear any tight-fitting clothing. Dresses and skirts must at least be knee-length.

The Enforcement


Female officers:

  1. Skirt or dress that is not above the knees, with a smart long or short sleeved blouse.
  2. No sleeveless, transparent blouses and dresses
  3. Clothing must cover up cleavage, navel, knees and back.
  4. No bright coloured hair in form of natural hair, braids and hair extensions.
  5. Neutral polished and well groomed nails – N long nails with more than 3cms (1.5in), bright nail polish or multi-coloured nail polish
  6. Simple facial make-up simple
  7. Modest accessories

Male officers:

  1. Neat trousers
  2. Long-sleeved shirts, jacket and a tie.
  3. No open shoes (except on health grounds/recommendation).
  4. Hair well-groomed and kept short.
  5. Loose fitting trousers
  6. No brightly coloured clothes.


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