Don’t Ever Look Down On Yourself!


    How you see yourself, determines how people see you. If you look down on yourself, you have given the room to people to also look down on you. No matter the level you are in life, it doesn’t necessitate you to look down on yourself, you may not be where you envisage for the now, that should not make you write off yourself.
    When you form the habit of looking down on yourself, as a result of the circumstances, facing you, you are only doing more harm to yourself than to finding​ away to move up. You can only be addressed with the way you address yourself and if you have completely write off yourself, so too you have given the people around you the license to do the same. You can only look up to get anything you want, looking down, will only limit you from achieving what you want for yourself. Nobody looks down when climbing to the peak of their career, and if they are to look down, is just to see how far they have gone, and continue to move up.
    You might be the most Junior in that business, office, craft, etc. The way you present yourself, determines how you will be addressed. If you look that because you are the most Junior, and decided to act in that regard, you will definitely be address in that way, and despite being the Junior, if you don’t undermine yourself with that position, you will be accorded your respect, not as the most Junior, but as the person you presented yourself before them. Note this, you can still be up and still look down on yourself, therefore, looking down on yourself, is not a thing of position but personal, and how you present yourself to the people before you. Everybody want to move up, and nobody wants to remain down. Therefore, you should never look down on yourself, no matter the circumstances you find yourself.
    You will succeed!
    Good Morning.

    written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele


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