Motivation Monday: Not Every Closed Door Is Locked, Push!


When some of us are faced with challenges, it seems it is the end of the world, hence we find it difficult to overcome it. Not every closed door is locked, push! This simply tells us that, even though we are being faced with obstacles, in our life pursuit, we should never relent, rather, continue to push on until we overcome.

Every closed door, is either protecting or obstructing us from gaining access, and the only way we can have an access to it, is when we continue to push. Seeing that challenge, thinking that there is no way out, is as a result of our resistance to continue, believing that we can’t do anything about it. Hear me now, nothing should ever stop us from achieving whatever we want for ourselves in life.

Though some doors may seem locked to us, but if we see the lock as opportunity, it gives us the zeal to become dogged, ready and never to give up, until we achieve our goal. We should see the word DOOR, as Determination, Opportunity, Open and Result. When we always have the meaning of these words in mind, we are set to break and open any closed doors, that pose as a threat or obstacles to the peak of our career. Let’s always know this, not all doors are locked, some seems locked, in reality are not. But when we in the first place, refused to see them locked, and always push on, we will definitely have the key to unlock all closed doors. We will succeed! Happy Weekend.

You will succeed!

Good Morning.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele

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