Great Britain’s greatest ever athlete, Mo Farah Bows Out With A Silver Lining


Britain’s greatest World Champion, Sir Mo Farah dethroned by Ethiopia’s Muktar Edris beat to take the 5000m gold in 13:32.79. in what was Farah’s last race on the track in the London Stadium. Farah took the silver in 13:33.22. American Paul Chelimo took the bronze in 13:33.30.

Going back to 2011 many have tried various tactics to beat Britain’s greatest ever track and field athlete and failed.

The new champion Muktar Edris said:

“I was highly prepared for this race and I knew I was going to beat Mo Farah. After the 10km he was maybe tired so he did not have enough for the last kick. I was stronger. Mo has many victories but now I have one. I am the new champion for Ethiopia.That’s why I did the Mobot. I am the next champion. I have won the gold in front of his home crowd. I didn’t have much support but we did it. I did the Mobot out of respect as well for him.”

The race started slowly as Farah was in second, tracking what was going on in front of him. However with about five laps left Australian Patrick Tiernan took the lead and quickened the pace. Although Farah still kept in touch he had started to feel the pace and could not get away. In the end he had to use every ounce of his strength left to make sure he left here with a medal.

Sir Mo admitted:

“It’s been amazing. It’s been a long journey but it’s been incredible. It doesn’t quite sink in until you compete here and cross the line – I had a couple of minutes to myself – that this is it.

“To be honest with you it takes so much out of me. It’s not an excuse, but it took a lot more out of me than I realised. Tactically, I was trying to cover every move. They had the game plan: one of them was going to sacrifice themselves. That’s what they did tonight, and the better man won on the day. I gave it all, I didn’t have a single bit left at the end.”

On entering the home straight and whether gold was still possible:

“I thought it might be possible, but my legs had it. I got boxed in early on – it doesn’t normally happen – but I got boxed in early and couldn’t get out.”

Bronze medallist said:

“I think the Ethiopians had a plan because I think Kejelcha was out there to push the pace early and try and dampen Mo Farah’s kick. Edris was just waiting and waiting to see and sitting by in the last 200m, so in the last 50m I thought ‘There is no way I’m coming out without a medal here.’

“I had to fight and dig deep to get the bronze. To go home with a medal is not bad. I’m happy with the performance. It’s my second championship and a medal.

On being bandaged up following his fall in the heat:

“I’m bandaged here and there and I got spiked; it’s been tough you know. There’s not much more I can ask for. Mo is leaving, someone else has to take over now. I’m taking over next year – 2019, I am after that Gold.”

Written by Ayo Odumade at London Stadium | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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