Africa’s Greatest Philanthropist Gives BEFFTA Lifetime Support As She Receives BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award!


BEFFTA Awards will never be the same again after the powerful mother Theresa of Africa Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi pledged lifetime support for the global BEFFTA brand. As she walked on stage to pick BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award, little did BEFFTA founder Dr Pauline Long know that after 9 years of self-funding BEFFTA help had just arrived.

Rev. Mother Ajayi said, “I’m very proud of Dr. Pauline Long, I’m shocked that she has put together this prestigious award ceremony right in the heart of London and invited many of you to receive awards, eat and drink all free of charge. I was prepared to buy tickets for me and my team when I was told that she does not sell tickets, it’s totally free and it has been for 9 years. She is doing this from her own pocket! I love her, she is my daughter. I’m going to support her until Jesus comes back.” Rev. Mother Esther is known globally for her philanthropic work and love for humanity something she shares in common with Dr. Pauline Long.

The 9th BEFFTA Global Awards was celebrated in the United Kingdom in the cosmopolitan city of London in a totally different style. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Pauline Long who is passionate about BEFFTA never stops when it comes to brilliant ideas that change lives.

This year she introduced BEFFTA Honours – Top 1000 where stars from across different genres of entertainment, film, fashion, TV, arts, sports, leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy were all honoured under one roof. The first BEFFTA Honours – Top 1000 gala dinner was held for over 200 guests on 27th October and the 2nd gala dinner is yet to take place in December to celebrate more personalities on the coveted list.

In it’s 9th year, BEFFTA which is hailed as the biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in UK/Europe continues to raise and praise the African, Caribbean and Asian communities in a unique way that touches lives positively and open doors. To date over 10,000 personalities have been honoured at BEFFTA through nominations and honorary awards. The award ceremony continues to unite the community through networking, collaborations, and business. The core ethos of BEFFTA is to lift up many who work hard in various industries yet not celebrated enough.

BEFFTA Founder: Dr. Pauline Long

Dr. Pauline Long is extremely grateful to Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi for embracing BEFFTA in the most special way. She said, “I have always wished for BEFFTA to have this kind of support and generosity, and for it to come from a woman I call my mother is a huge honour. My team and I appreciate her immensely. All our hard work has finally paid off. I’m thrilled that mother has seen that what BEFFTA is doing for humanity warrants her support and love. Thank you mama.” | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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