Are Woman is Supposed Enjoy Sex much more than a Man?


“Biologically, a woman is supposed to enjoy sex much more than the man. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. The penis has just 3,000 nerve endings”. Said UK based Nigerian Dr.Obinna Aligwekwe.

“Perhaps this is the reason why women scream their heads off during intercourse when the man (who probably begged for and initiated the act) stays quiet.

However, the hormone oestrogen is designed for the maternal instinct, to incubate, nurture and protect the weak offspring.
It is also responsible in ensuring the female searches for the best possible mate.

At the basal level, that is what restricts women to one partner and overwhelms the desire to sleep with just anybody that comes along.

However, humans are social animals, and protection of offspring is no longer really about defending them from predators as would be in the animal world.

Many women of today, do not have that overwhelming need to stick to one partner who would ensure that security.

And even if we are to consider the current version of that security and protection, a lot of women are married to men who are socially and financially vulnerable.

So, once you get past that need to protect children and self, the woman has the tendency to be as promiscuous as the man.

The thing holding many women today is just the opportunity and potential consequences, not emotions.

Let’s not forget. Biologically, they are wired to enjoy sex even more.

Written by: Dr.Obinna Aligwekwe | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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