Finally! The UN Is Investigating Libya Slave Trade


Footage from CNN showing African migrants being sold in Libya has shocked the world and are still circulating. Libya’s UN -backed government said it was investigating reports of African migrants being sold as slaves and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Libyan Interior Minister Aref al-Khodja said to journalists in Tripoli. “There have been direct instructions issued to form an investigative committee so as to uncover the truth and to capture the wrongdoers, and those responsible, and put them before the judiciary”,

“We are now currently waiting for the results of the investigations which I believe are coming to a close.”

“We call on local and international bodies to cooperate with the Attorney General’s Office and provide any information that helps to reveal the truth,” the U.N.-backed government’s presidency said in a statement.

“We, in Libya, are victims of illegal migration and we are not a source for it,” it added, appealing to foreign powers to help stop flows from migrants’ countries of origin and across Libya’s southern borders. He added.

The horrific incident has sparked an international outcry and protests in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. It doesn’t feel like justice is rapidly taking place. Did we really need to see such shocking pictures before taking a stand? People are crying for a rapid justice. Since the news broke, protests have been taking place across Europe including London, Paris, Sweden and Brussels.

Celebrities are speaking out on the disheartening news.

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