Emergency Evacuation of Libyan Migrants Agreed After African Union-European Union Summit In Ivory Coast!


An urgent evacuation plan has been devised for migrants facing abuse and slavery in Libyan detention camps, BBC News reports. The evacuation operation was drawn up at an African Union-European Union summit in Ivory Coast, with Libya’s UN-backed administration joining the agreement.

According to BBC, the migrants will be sent mainly back to their home countries.

The move follows the publication of video footage captured by CNN that appeared to show migrants from sub-Saharan Africa being sold in Libya as slaves.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed the Sahara and the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe with thousands dying on the journey and those who make it to Libya being treated as modern-day slaves.

Since the footage sparked international outcry, Libya launched a formal investigation into migrants being sold off for as little as $400 (£300), whilst protest have been taking place across the world, with another planned in London for December 9, 2017.

Nigeria had already made a unilateral move to repatriate migrants, with 240 voluntarily flown home on Tuesday night (Nov 28).

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