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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Emmanuel Eboue Acted very stupidly – Nkechi Bianze

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Have you ever wondered why most rich Americans marry their fellow upper-class rich people? Oh sweet! You think they only fall in love with themselves? What a wow convenient beauty of a trending coincidence. Now, leave matter for Mathias, and let me make you understand why most of them do.

In the event of a divorce, it is the richer spouse that pays the poorer spouse spousal support. In countries with functional family and divorce laws, where alimony/spousal support and divorce settlements are legally enforced, divorce benefits the poorer spouse.

If a woman earns $5million a year and her husband earns $1million a year, in the event of divorce, it is the woman who will have to pay the man. And this is vice verse in a situation where the man earns more.

Back to why American rich marry their fellow rich.
Do you see Beyoncé and Jay Z, they are both stinking rich. In the event of a divorce, none would be at risk of bankruptcy from the divorce settlement, because they are both stinking rich. This analogy in simple terms is the reason why it benefits the rich to marry the rich.

Simon Cowell refused to get married. Despite being asked several times, he hasn’t given any good reasons why. I’m not saying he is o, but those of us who “know the know” know that many of these rich people do not want to risk getting married, going through divorce and losing half or more than half of their wealths.

Forget about the tales they tell you, this is why the rich marry the rich…. at least in a much larger percentage of the cases. They are protecting their wealths in one way or the other.

This is also the reason I will find it very difficult to marry a man who is poorer than I am.

Oh, did I hear someone say “marry for love”? Of course, I will. I will simply go to the gathering of rich people and fall in love with one of them. Then we can get married FOR LOVE. 

Let’s face the fact. How many people truly marry for love?
People marry because they are getting old.
They marry to have children within wedlock.
They marry for respect… in Nigeria.
They marry for political reasons…. in a country like Nigeria, you can’t be appointed or elected into certain positions if you aren’t married. A woman I know, who had three children from a past relationship actually got married just to contest as a member of house of rep.
People marry for money…. financial security.
People marry to make their families happy. Because their parents want them to get married.

A VAST MAJORITY of people do NOT marry for love. But in a politically correct world, we can all pretend that we married our soulmates….. for love, of course… I hear you. Tell me something new and less boring. 

I am NOT going to marry just for love. Love is NOT enough reason for me to get married. Love is a side attraction, amongst other things that are more important to me in the choice of who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with as a partner.

Back to Emmanuel Eboue. I actually do feel pity for him. Very unusual of me to pity those I consider stupid. I’m becoming less “insensitive” these days. 

In this day, time and era, earning millions and signing everything off in your spouse’s name is WILLFUL STUPIDITY.

You are a footballer who earns millions in hard currencies like pounds, dollars and euros, and you got married to a poor woman without a prenuptial agreement? Where in your village did they cook your brain?

Save me the tales about love. Like just shut it already!!!

In short, repeat this prayer after me now…”……My father, my father. Every love that is going to make me stupid enough to sign off all I have worked for, die by fire, die by fire, die by fire 


Telling me he was in love and he is his wife is NOT an excuse.

Wise people make arrangements for divorce even before marriage. Don’t tell me shit like no one goes into marriage anticipating divorce.

When you get into a car, you wear a seatbelt. Do you know why you do that? Seatbelt is not fashion. It is preparation for accidents.

Even though you don’t hope for accident, you prepare for it by wearing your seatbelt. It is the wise thing to do as a driver or passenger.
My father has driven for over 40years of his life wearing seatbelts, but he has never had an accident. So, preparing for divorce does NOT mean you will eventually get divorce. It simply means that if it happens, you’ve got your ass covered, and not end up as miserable and suicidal as Emmanuel.

No, a seatbelt isn’t a guarantee that you will survive the accident, but generally speaking, in a car crash, the person wearing a seatbelt has a much higher chance of survival than a person who isn’t.

So, I wasn’t mistaking when I said wise people prepare for divorce even before marriage.

I have written so much already. Everything I have written on this post is something no pastor or teacher will bring themselves to tell you in such blunt way. But I’m doing it for free.

Any man or woman who gets married and signs off everything he or she has in his or her spouse’s name deserves to end up like Emmanuel. There’s got to be some consequences for willful stupidity, and making me waste my time writing long epistles on Facebook just to knack some ounces of brain into your head.

Don’t tell me this is victim blaming, and I should be blaming those who rip people off in marriage. Hell no! We have blamed them enough and it hasn’t worked much. Such people will always exist on earth, just like thieves, murderers and other criminals will always exist amongst us no matter how many of them we incarcerate. Thus, YOU owe yourself the responsibility of reducing your risk of falling a victim.

Before you get married and while you are married, ask yourself the question “What if I get divorced, have I got my ass covered”? If the answer is no, you should get down to work NOW, or go meet Emmanuel to teach you coping strategies in advance. You are doing a great job heading his route, so you might need him to coach you. He’s been there, done that…. *Yawns*. 

Written by: Nkechi Bianze | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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