Mr & Miss UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant Takes Place Tomorrow Dec 30th


The annual Mr & Miss UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant takes place in London on the 30th of Dec 2017. The prestigious event organised by Julliet Makhapila will be held at 146 Queen Victoria Street, London.


This year’s pageant is about bringing together; Models, Beauties from the heart, Talent, Entrepreneurship Skills, Mentoring, Capacity Building, Team Work, Smiles, and Laughter.

“We love promoting creativity and hidden talents from the community, schools, and universities. We aim to create a global link in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra-Leonne, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Cameroon, and some other African Countries through our programmes in 2018. This year’s event seeks to promote, peace, love, and unity”. Said founder, Julliet.

“In Love – let’s go for a Walk, the Spirit of Togetherness, the Spirit of Love for one another, the Spirit of Respect, embracing all Citizens and all Nations with Peace, Laughter, and Smiles.” Founder Julliet Makhapila

It is for YOU to make that KNOCK KNOCK smile for one another.

For further information please contact the team on- or

Tel: 07742 384 052

Facebook: Julliet Makhapila | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
Twitter: @African_Glitz 
Facebook: @AfricanGlitz 
Instagram: @AfricanGlitz


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