Ghanaian born international designer launches a new line – ‘The ‘A’ Concept by Afua Sam’


Ghanaian born international designer launches a new line – ‘The ‘A’ Concept by Afua Sam’ – Vibrant and Chic Ready-To-Wear

After several years of making name for herself in the USA, Ghanaian born designer Afua Sam, award-winning, multi-talented, founder and Creative Director of DC’s based couture fashion house; Studio D’Maxsi has finally launched a new brand, ‘The ‘A’ Concept by Afua Sam’, a ready to wear.
‘The ‘A’ Concept by Afua Sam’, was created for fashion lovers of colorful, vibrant garments, providing affordable chic garments that are stylish alternative for both female and male, young and old. Completely away from the elegant and glamorous red carpet looks of the STUDIO D’MAXSI brand. The concept came to life after numerous requests and inquiries for fast accessibility to custom-made or limited designs without the wait.
Afua strives for unique, fabulous designs that cater to everyday occasions for the stylish and trendy individuals. Afua Sam creates and stitches each unique design with love.


Afua said, “The idea has been lingering for a long time and I finally got the courage to pursue creating this new line without losing the identity of the already established brand, my very first baby, STUDIO D’MAXSI, I decided to create a completely new brand to deliver the idea of ‘THE A CONCEPT BY AFUA SAM’.”
You can be assured of the usually classy presentation which Afua is well known for on social media platforms of the new line which are; @theaconceptbyafuasam on INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK and @theaconceptbyAS on, TWITTER. You can also stay updated via the website – and the hashtag, #theAconceptbyAfuasam. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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