Yvonne Nelson Releases Emotional Teaser for Documentary based on her pregnancy with Daughter Ryn


Popular Ghanaian actress and producer Yvonne Nelson shocked her fans by announcing a brand new television show called, “Waiting on Ryn“. The teaser of the documentary which tells the story of her pregnancy and childbirth is out and fans are emotional. The actress managed to keep prying eyes away from her pregnancy until she delivered.

The actress announcement of giving birth in November caused some stir as Ghanaians and the rest of her fans wondered when she got pregnant. The scandal escalated when the news of the father of her baby not only being white but also a previously married man emerged. Yvonne Nelson refuses to address all these issues but believes her true fans know her best hence why she is releasing the documentary.

Her baby girl according to the actress was planned for although she is not married to the father. The actress after giving birth has faced several criticisms from sections of the Ghanaian but this doesn’t stop her from her future plans. In a post on Twitter a few days ago, she announced that she will start a television show to walk her followers through all she went through before giving birth to her baby whom she disclosed her name as Ryn Robers. 2 Teasers for the shows has been released via her Instagram page.


About The Show

Yvonne Nelson told her fans to look forward to a show she recorded during her pregnancy. Ths show titled ‘Waiting for Ryn’, will appear in a reality TV format showcasing the actresses pregnancy journey and birth.

She wrote on Twitter: “Watch out for #waitingforRYN a show I shot when I was pregnant.”

As previously reported, Ryn is the name Yvonne Nelson and British photographer, Jamie Roberts gave their daughter. Fans are anxiously waiting for the show.

Was this the reason why she denied and shied her pregnancy from Ghanaians and fans?

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