Motivation Monday: If The Door is Closed, Check there must be a Window!


“If the door to your success is closed, check again, there must be a window somewhere. Most times, we can’t reach a certain level in life be it jobs, careers, finance or even love.
It feels like we can’t go beyond or reach a certain level and the door to the next level is close. Believe you me, when you keep trying or look into other means, you will find that there is always a way. Yes, there is usually another way if not ‘other’ ways to arrive at the same destination.

I remember watching a video once on Facebook once. So this Hen was trying to cross to the other side of the field through a little space surrounded by a high fence. The only opening this hen could find was this tiny hole in the middle of the Fence. The Hen will walk all the way to the left where the fence looks like it ended but instead went higher. When this Hen reached to what seemed like the end of the Fence, it turns around and comes back just to end up at the same spot with the tiny opening. Struggling and trying to fit into the hole in other get to the other side.

The hen will repeat by walking back left only to arrive at the same spot yet again. I could see that all her attention and focus was how it could fit into the space to get to the other side. Just like that time went by, this hen must have gone back an forth about fifty times and always ended with the same result. She didn’t stop; she just kept trying.


So, little did this hen know that if it goes further right, there is a whole open space, and she could have easily walked into the other side without any stress.


The Hen didn’t also know that if it had carried on walking to the left and use a little effort to jump unto the obstructing container at the end of the left side of the fence, there also was an open space where it could drop down to the other side. That road required a little more effort.

So this Hen already believes there wasn’t any other way out and the only way was the one she already knows, the tiny hole in the middle. This Hen just keeps trying hoping that some miracle will happen and by the time she comes back to the small space, her whole body will eventually shrink or finally fit. This silly Hen didn’t think of sweating a little my jumping up or working a little further down the other side to see what faith she might encounter.

We, humans, are just like this most of the time with life.

  • Because we can only see a way doesn’t mean it is the only way.
  • Beauce we are family about one theory doesn’t mean its the right and only theory.
  • Because we know only one road doesn’t mean there are no other roads.

If we can’t reach a particular destination in life, we tend to keep using the same tactic, the same road, the same theory. We never pause to think about new strategies. How about if I work a little harder, How about if I check ahead. How about if do things a little differently.

Yes, only people who think this way are the ones who eventually find their way in no time and move further in life. While majority spend most of their time waiting and expecting a miracle that is not possible.

Life knows how to throw shit at us, mostly when we want something so badly. Yes for most people they can get it just like that, but some other people, suddenly this is one thing you can’t have or find.

My advice to you is to keep trying. Maybe twist things a little differently, use another approach instead of trying the same road, or using the same rule and formula over and over again. This way you will not only succeed, but you will also learn more things along the way.

So if the door is closed, check, there must be a window. If the window is luck, look around behind you, there might be a whole open space, just walk around.

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