Racial Undertone or Not? – H&M under Scrutiny for using Black Kid Model to promote Hoodie with Racial Slur!


Popular multinational clothing-retail company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) UK is currently being dragged on social media for the above photo showing a black child model being used to promote a hoodie with the inscription, “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle“. 9 hours later H&M took down all the pictures of the kids.

The jumper is one of many variations but the question asked by most blacks is why the black kid was made to promote the very one with a racial slur.

However, most fans believed it could have been an honest mistake. While some couldn’t believe out of all the people involved in the shoot, including stylists and photographer, no one thought for a minute that this isn’t right.

Many users noticed that the little black boy was the only model to wear the “coolest monkey” sweatshirt, a white child wore a shirt that said “survival expert,” while another wore a sweatshirt with images of animals from the same line.

The company have since then apologised and removed the offending advert from their website after hundreds of social media users accused it of being racist.


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