Age & Marriage: Why African Men DON’T Like To Marry Older Women – Watch the debate on Jo Maxwell Show!


Why don’t African men like to marry older Women? Watch this interesting episode on the Jo Maxwell show with the presenter  Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell and guests Funmi Osilaja and Bolakale Omidiji as they discuss the serious unspeakable topic.

“On the first segment, we tackle a very challenging scenario that happens to the best of us as parents, but we thought to give it a twist by focusing more on the #fathers #Dads i.e. ‘The present but absent Father’ – Why and the impacts of it. On the second segment we talked about why we think African men do not find older women attractive enough to marry, so we themed this Ageism + Marriage”.  Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell hint on the episode.


Can you relate to any of the two?

Why do you think fathers are present but absent in the home/children’s lives: What are the impacts?

Why do you think men prefer the younger girls to the older girls?

The Jo Maxwell Show was launched on YouTube in 2017 with the first season “PEPTALK”, covering a range of topics that pushed the boundaries of the usual conversations within the Black Community in the UK. Using a new media platform like YouTube has given Jo the opportunity to take control of a positive narrative and reach a far wider audience without relying on traditional media.

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