Would you choose your Child’s Career? – Watch the Engaging Discussion on The Jo Maxwell Show!


Parents, Would you choose your child’s Career? Watch this interesting episode on The Jo Maxwell Show with the presenter Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell and guests; Dr Monica Alabi and Adenike Fawehinmi on this episode where they discussed the Importance of Investing in yourself on the first segment and choosing your child’s career, in the second.

Whatever happened to being a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer or Accountant? Will you be happy if your child came home to tell you he wants to be a “Boxer”? Well, that seems like an option in recent time seeing Anthony Joshua paving another career for our children”. Said host, Jo Maxwell.

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The Jo Maxwell Show was launched on YouTube in 2017 with the first season “PEPTALK”, covering a range of topics that pushed the boundaries of the usual conversations within the Black Community in the UK. Using a new media platform like YouTube has given Jo the opportunity to take control of a positive narrative and reach a far wider audience without relying on traditional media.

Can you relate to this topics?

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