#WorldRemit Sponsors Divas Of Colour Festival For The Second Year!


London, 18/01/2018 –   WorldRemit sponsors  Divas of Colour for the second year in a row. Divas of Colour is thrilled to announce that Worldremit, world’s number one digital money transfer company is the major sponsor for the 5th annual international women’s festival, the only festival dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women of colour from around the world. The annual event which is held every March in commemoration of international women’s month is slated for the 24th and 25th of March at Queen Elizabeth ii centre Westminster and The Grange Hotel Tower Bridge, respectively.  

WorldRemit’s service makes sending money from 50+ countries to 148 countries as easy as sending an instant message. WorldRemit primarily helps migrants from developing countries working in developed countries send money to friends and family through its mobile app and website.

In addition to bank transfers, cash pickup and mobile phone airtime top-up, WorldRemit processes around three-quarters of remittances sent globally to mobile money accounts. Remittances to mobile money accounts enable senders to put money directly in the hands of recipients. By helping people to access financial services, mobile money is particularly empowering women who make up 55% of the world’s two billion unbanked.  

Faustina Anyanwu, CEO of Divas of Colour said, “We are most grateful to WorldRemit for their dedication and practical approach to, empowerment, diversity and inclusion at a time when these words are mere decoration for many large corporations. Sponsorships like this give meaning to corporate responsibility as it helps companies to work directly with organisations serving the communities who are their core users. This year, our focus is on mental health awareness as it affects the Afro-Caribbean and Asian cultures, and with the Worldremit sponsorship we have been able to mobilise women to participate.”

As Divas of Colour becomes a two-day festival, the reach has also widened over time. This year marking the 5 years of the movement, more and more women of colour are able to build their businesses through our platforms.

As in other years, various businesses created by and or, targeting the Afro-Caribbean and Asian audience, including designers both established and emerging, national and international names will be participating in the trade and fashion shows on day one, which is expected to attract hundreds of attendees. The second day is billed for the grand finale, culminating in the awards and mental health conference dinner.  

Catherine Wines, Executive Director and co-founder at WorldRemit said: —–

“The ability to receive remittances via mobile money is an important shift for many women around the world. Through our service, they can receive money without having to give a share to anyone else to collect it and women can decide independently how they would like to spend the money. For many women receiving a remittance may be the first time they have had this level of control over their finances and we hope that WorldRemit can continue to empower more women in this way.

We are also very pleased to support Divas of Colour in their focus on mental health this year. This is an important issue which can impact anyone and we are pleased to see Divas of Colour raising awareness and encouraging people to talk about this issue.”

Tickets to attend and registration for brands to exhibit and showcase is now on and available via the website – www.divasofcolour.com

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