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“Let the quality of work match the hype” – Rita Dominic To Nollywood Filmmakers


Nollywood actress Rita Dominic is not new in the industry, for her to voice her opinion means this is serious. The veteran actress took a dig at Nollywood filmmakers and said ‘Not every Nollywood film should be shown at the Cinema’.

She left a quote on her Instagram page which states that bad films were made because of vanity, pride and ego, which she captioned; “Let the quality of work match the hype, #NotAllMoviesShouldBeinCinemas”

However, fans believe she made the comment because of Actress Lilian Afegbua latest movie titled Bound, which had Rita Dominic as one of the lead characters.

According to sources close to the situation, Rita Dominic felt that the movie is not cinema worthy. She was not at the premiere of the movie and was also not at the screening. She also did not promote the movie at all on all her social media platforms.

This caused a debate on Instagram where fans voiced out the frustration about overhyped movies which are not worth their money at the cinema and urge Nollywood filmmakers to do better.


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