Women are Less Likely to be Abused when Financially Independent – Nkechi Bianze


Anyone who is lucky enough to get married to Linda Ikeji won’t dare utter the sentence “I will send you parking and back to your father’s house in the village”. He will be the joke of the century.

Dear Nigerian women,
MAKE MONEY, and you will automatically become immune to a whole load of bullshits.

A man who gets married to Vladimir Putin’s daughter will not raise his hands against her. He won’t dare.

My point?
Most people try nonsense for two reasons:
1. Because they know they will get away with it without consequences.
2. Because they know that that the person who is being given the shit will accept it.

Most often than not, people treat you the way you permit them, or the way they think you will tolerate.

A man who knows that his wife will divorce him if he cheats is far less likely to cheat.
A man who knows that he will be forgiven and the wife will fight side chic is less likely to resist the temptation to cheat.
A man who knows that the wife will pray and watch war room, pamper him and cook him a good meal after every cheating episode is most likely to rub his cheating on the wife’s face.

People misbehave more when there are no consequences.

A vast majority of the abusive Nigerian men drop their abusive shits at the Nigerian airports when they are relocating abroad.

You know why?

Because they know too well that one slap from them to their wives or to anyone at all in countries like Canada, US and UK can land them in jail and ruin their careers and lives forever.

And of course, the man who got married to Dangote’s daughter will learn to behave himself.

A vast majority of abusive husbands carefully select women who they believe would tolerate their abuse.
And if for any reason they end up with one who doesn’t take their shits, many of them learn to adjust.

Humans study their environments and the people around them and determine/analyze how much bullshits they can and can’t get away with.
It is the result of this study and analysis that MOST OFTEN inform and serve as the basis of their decisions whether or not to misbehave, and to whom they can try their bullshits with.

That’s why a Nigerian man can slap his wife for a flimsy excuse of provocation, but won’t attempt to fight a heavyweight lifter who gives him double the insult, nor slap his female boss who outrightly insulted him.

A person or society without consequences for any type of wrongdoing is an enabler of such wrongdoing.

Written by – Nkechi Bianze


Post edit!

I never said financially independent women do not get abused, I said they are LESS LIKELY to be abused.
And when abused, a financially independent woman is less like to tolerate such abuse continuously.

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