Pace Setters Business Expo 2018, What is it all about? – Exclusive Interview with Founder Titilayo Odunaiya

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We had the privilege to interview the founder of the 1st ever Pace Setters business Expo, taking place in Liverpool on Saturday, the 7th of April. Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya explains why she is hosting the Business Expo for small business and entrepreneurs in Liverpool and what she hopes to achieve.

Small owned businesses are growing by the day, Entrepreneurship has become the future. Supporting black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs is the only way they can grow. Mrs Odunaiya shades more light on Pace Setters Business Expo 2018.

Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya – Founder Pace Setters Business Expo


As the founder of Pace Setters business Expo, can you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya, a graduate of Computer Science from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria. Style, Elegance, Dignity and Beauty are concepts that drive me to serve others

What is Pace Setters all about?

Pace Setters Business Expo is organised to bring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Ventures, Small Businesses together from different works of life to showcase their products and services in order to create awareness in the community. The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximize their business potentials.

The event also honours the people in the society who have set a good pace to be emulated by others.

The first ever Pacesetters Expo takes place in Liverpool on the 7th of April, what do you as the founder hope to achieve?

Our vision is to create a world-changing event with a purpose of  Embracing Diversity, Uniting People, Diversity Fashion Shows, Hair & Beauty, Food & Entertainment, Global Networking, Young Talents, Creating opportunities and providing a supportive platform to connect, learn other cultures, get Career advice, be inspired and make new connections. Above all celebrating One another

Who can attend this event?

Everyone. Business owners, entrepreneurs, those who are looking into starting their own business and those who wish to support small businesses.

What kind of business can exhibit at Pacesetters Business Expo?

The Expo has no limit or restriction to any business.

Why do you see the need to bring small business and entrepreneurs who run their own companies under one roof?

I believe it will be an avenue offer recognition to diverse dedicated and inspiring entrepreneurs’ worthy of emulation in our community; To honour people that are Pace Setters for others to follow.

To bring attention to our local talented business owners;

To promote talented producers of branded products in our society

To share knowledge and tips to crack global markets and growth in a short time.

To create an environment for “Business Networking”.

To promote economic development by focusing on the creative class;

To showcase global artists in the field of fashion, beauty, and performing arts.

Is Pace Setters still welcoming entrepreneurs and small business owners until the event day?

No. We only targeted 30 stalls for the day. So far we have about 2 stalls left. Stalls are open for booking but none will be taken on the event day. It has to be before the event day.

How can one get involved?

We have our team working together to make the day a success. They can be reached on any of the numbers on our website or social media network. You can also send us a message via

Email: [email protected]

Facebook group: Pacesetter Business Expo group

Facebook page: Pacesetters Business Expo

Twitter: @psbexpo

Instagram: @pacesettersbizexpo


How will the event benefit young entrepreneurs or an individual who is looking into becoming one?

It is a great opportunity to showcase local talents and network with people of like minds.With our special guests put together to encourage the business owners and people planning to start up, I believe the sky is our beginning.

What can business owners expect on April 7th?

The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximize their business potentials. On this day we have in attendance a special guest Chief Lady Waynett Peters a multi-entrepreneur who is a renowned empowerment mentor and coach who has been awarded over 25 International Awards that also include her humanitarian and philanthropist contributions, Lady Waynett will be our Key Note Speaker on Business Start-ups, Business Growth, Career Development and new Career Path Finding.
We also have an Ambassador; Lady  Rukayat Aderewa Basaru popularly known as ‘Adebeauty love‘. She is a Speaker, School Governor, Head of Parents, Pupils, and Carers,  Entrepreneur, MC, Community Ambassador, PR, Media Personality, Fashion, Hair Business Coach and Activists.

And we also have Goldiva Ola. She is a TV presenter, Host, MC and a fashionista. She is also the Editor of African Dazzle which is an online  Entertainment Magazine/blog and the Host and producer of her own TV talk show. The Goldiva Fab show. She works as a Host and a stylist.


Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya – Founder Pace Setters Business Expo

What can buyers and non-business owners look forward to on the day?

Every exhibitor and magazine adverts have put together a package of discounted goods & services for the day. Everyone in attendance will be getting a huge sale and we will be having a raffle draw that enables them to win some of the goods exhibited on the event day e.g, Ankara tops, Designer shoes, bags, Dinner for 2, Percentage off cake order, event decor etc.

After the first edition, will Pacesetter business expo become an annual event?

By the grace of God. we are already looking forward to the next event.

How can one get in touch with you regarding Pacesetters?

Just call or send me an email and I will definitely respond.

When does the event start and end on the 7th of April?

We start with the RED carpet by 3pm and the event ends by 9pm

Are there any other information or details you will like to share with us regarding the event?

This is a unique opportunity for business owners.

Highlights and Objectives of the day will include: –

  • Liverpool and neighbouring business exhibition stalls
  • Local trade showcasing
  • Small and medium business displays
  • Networking (Connections)
  • Special recognition awards to some of those making a difference in the community
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion Show

Thank you so much for your time, and for shading more light about the event. Pace Setters Business Expo 2018 takes place, Saturday, 7th of April at the Jubilee Sports bank, Kensington, L7 8SJ. The event kicks off at 3 pm.

If you leave in Liverpool, come and check out the event. African Glitz looks forward to covering the event on the day.

To take part or find out more about the event, please contact the team below”

Email: [email protected]

Facebook group: Pacesetter Business Expo group

Facebook page: Pacesetters Business Expo

Twitter: @psbexpo

Instagram: @pacesettersbizexpo


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