BROADWAY Nollywood Film Premiere Takes Place April 20th – Meet The Casts


Broadway, a movie by Dolly Unachukwu, a Nollywood pioneer is set to take place at Odeon Cinema Greenwich, London on Friday, the 20th of April, 2018. The movie stars Dolly Unachukwu herself, Ruke Amata, Cleopatra Starrets, Dolly’s daughter Hazel Okoro among others. Save the date, come and meet the Nollywood film pioneer as well as network.

About Broadway

Broadway is a story about members of an African church called House of Grace. The story is centred on the pastor’s wife who does not understand her role but rather acts like a movie star, a very arrogant and proud woman who has no respect for her husband or for the members of the church and would not tolerate any form of disrespect herself, she sacks and hires members as she wishes and acts more or less like a slave driver, she does not hesitate to ask her husband the pastor whom she is cheating on with the assistant Pastor, to sack anyone that does not agree with her policy simply because she brought him from Nigeria to England after they got married, she makes sure to remind him she is the reason she is a successful Pastor in England.

The members of the church are of course from different social background comprising of Nurses, Lawyers, drug pushers and users, divorced pastor, adulterous pastors and abusive and controlling husbands, this church has it all under the same roof on Sundays, the abused are keeping it quiet and believing prayers will change their abuser, But in all of this there is hope and grace for all. How does the African church deal with the gay couple who has every right to be in the church as them especially where the sister is a pastor and is ashamed to introduce her brother to the congregation.

Broadway is a story that addresses the happenings around the African church, the good the bad and the ugly, and it’s a story that will interest everyone because so many real-life issues are addressed in it.


Broadway Premiere Date: Friday, April 20th

Venue: Odeon Cinema Greenwich, SE10 OQJ, London

Time: Red carpet 8.30, Movie Screening 10.45


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