Primark ‘rewards racist customer’ who demanded to be served by non Black Staff

The incident allegedly took place at the Primark shop inside Westfield Stratford City in east London. The clothing giant has been accused of ‘rewarding’ a racist customer accused of telling a Muslim shop assistant ‘I don’t want to be served by black people’.

A lady by the name, Do Na Marie was in the Westfield Stratford City branch of Primark in east London with her daughter when she witnessed the alleged incident and is now encouraging people to boycott the budget clothes chain.

In a Facebook post, she says she heard the customer make the racist comment to the female member of staff while all other staff members working on the tills in the shop were ‘black also’.

She wrote: ‘The manager who was white came over and told the customer “you didn’t have to say it like that” and took her clothes items and served her personally.

‘Many of the customers queuing were also black and were shocked the customer was given express service after racially abusing the staff member.’

Do Na Marie has since launched a complaint against the brand, with several others supporting her call to complain to the store.

In a statement, the Primark responded and said: ‘We have investigated this allegation, which included speaking to all employees involved, and found no evidence of any racist comments made in our Westfield Stratford store.

‘The customer was moved from the exchange/refund queue to a sales till in order to pay for her goods.

‘Primark does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.’

Primark ‘rewards racist customer’ who demanded to be served by white staff

The store has since faced a backlash on Twitter because of its response, including from other customers who witnessed the incident.

Donna Guthrie tweeted: ‘Your investigation didn’t include speaking to a customer that witnessed racist comment being shouted out four times.

‘Several black customers were upset & there was a commotion. Yet @Primark state nothing to see here!’. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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