2nd Young British Nigerian 22 wins Election in the UK


Ramota Lawal aka Tele, age 22 has become the second young British Nigerian councillor in the UK after being elected to represent the London Borough of Havering council, representing residents in Heaton Ward, Harold Hill.

Tele Lawal after her win took to her Facebook page to thank her supporters saying;

“Yesterday at approx. 5:00 am, at the young age of 22 I won my first political election. I am honoured to now be the youngest @uklabour party Councillor on the London Borough of Havering council – representing residents in Heaton Ward, Harold Hill.

Thank you, GOD! I shouldn’t be here, but you did it and made it possible. My testimony is great because of you farther.

Thank you to Rosina Purnell who was our agent and organised everything borough-wide. She is an exceptional woman, motivating, supportive and strong. Rosina pushed me in so many ways and I’m so grateful for evey ounce of faith she had in me.

John Paul Reid you’re amazing! None of us would have be in this position if it weren’t for your organisation and hard work. John is the most fierce campaigner… whether its rain, snow, sun or harsh wind he is there campaigning for all candidates. He organised everything for gooshays and Heaton and honestly… I thank you so much for every door you knocked with me and every leaflet posted. I truly can’t thank you for pushing not matter what.

Keith Ian Taffs, Isabel, Graham, John.M, Pat Brown, Simon Darvill – my Hornchurch and Upminster constituency I am here because of you all. Thank you for the part you played! You all helped us in different way and I can’t write it all but from the bottom of my heart thank you. It was not easy, but we have cause to celebrate because of you all.

To my fellow Labour colleagues especially Angelina LeatherbarrowFay HoughAdam Curtis and Nicholas West you have all taught me so much and I am truly upset we won’t be on the council together. Across the borough, we all fought hard and have made a difference in Havering already. I was taught to seek wisdom, advice and knowledge everywhere and believe I will be coming to all of you.

The prayers, messages, spreading of word to the community and coming together was amazing. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for every single KICC member. GOD is great and my church is amazing. I love you and I will testify to the work of GOD and to you all on Sunday. Thank you once again.

In a different post, she said

To my Oluyori family in Nigeria. I love you all and thank you for praying for me and supporting me all the way in Nigeria Do you know what it is to have family supporting and praying for you every single day all the way in Nigeria? Humbled and Thankful.

To my Awobiogun family, I love you all dearly and thank you to my auntie’s and uncles who got every simple person they knew to come out and vote for me.

During the UK Election which took place on Thursday, May 3rd, she won alongside another young teen, Princess Elizabeth Bright who won the Eastbrook ward in Dagenham. They both made a history and has become the youngest UK councillors.

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