Londoners Received and Support Omoyele Sowore In Strong hope of Restoring Nigeria in 2019

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There is no doubt that Omoyele Sowore has the support of the majority of the Nigerian diasporas who want a Nigeria where they can invest, retire and see family members doing well. His London Town Hall meeting which took place on May 12 is a testimony to this.

Words used to describe Omoyele Sowore, CEO, Sahara Reporters, by the hundreds of Nigerians in the UK, that came to the University of East London to hear the Presidential Aspirant for Nigerian Presidential Election due, 16th February 2019 was 1st of its kind.

He is the 1st Nigerian Election 2019 president aspirant who started campaigning way ahead of others. Starting from Nigeria only 2 months ago where he began ‘Youths sanitisation’.

Representatives of the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK at the townhall meeting in London are thirsty for a total turnaround of Nigerian politics and see Omoyele who came to them as their best candidate in the game so far.

The fast-rising aspirant president started his campaign just over 10 weeks ago and has already completed a 23-day tour of Nigeria, namely #takeitbacktour. Omoyele Sowore, in his speeches, referred to Nigeria as “The Federal Republic of all kinds of injustice”

Part of his focus at the London meeting is about gender equality, Omoyele Sowore is committed to a fair representation of both men and women in the political life of Nigeria and wants a 50/50 cabinet. He also dares to say that if only women are found competent while constituting the cabinet, he will have a 100% female cabinet ministers.

When it comes to his political platform, Omoyele Sowore has promised that he will make no alliance with the current parties tarnished by alleged claims of corruption. He wants to totally break away from former politicians and the current political culture forcing political aspirants to have a Godfather to enter politics.

Living in the U.S, it is clear that Omoyele Sowore sees the Nigerian Diaspora has a powerful ally. He would love if not implement diaspora to vote in their country of residence and no visas required to travel back to their homeland if need be.


The fast-rising Nigerian Election 2019 aspirant currently has 9 months to convince Nigerians that he is the candidate of the future with action, a candidate who believes Nigeria can do so much better and who is happy to lead the people to the promised land. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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