Nigerians Slam Actress Omoni Oboli for Encouraging women to say to men ‘No PVC No Sex


Nollywood filmmaker, Omoni Oboli two days ago released a video specifically for wives around Nigeria, and it has to do with people getting their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) for the upcoming election in 2019.

In the video, she encourages wives to deny their spouse sex if they haven’t acquired their voters cards. She started off by saying she is sure the wives have gotten their PVCs, she also threw in an idea to encourage them to make their husbands acquire theirs.

She requested that before wives get into bed and have sex with their husbands, they ask that the husbands show their PVC.

But Nigerians are not happy with this idea of hers, some said;

‘I am a woman and I think I will never understand nor support the use of sex as a way to obtain anything from a man. Not only we should be able to support whatever view we would like to transfer to our partner with relatable information and facts, but also using your body as a transaction tool is called « prostitution ». Sex is to be freely enjoyed within the covenant of marriage (my personal belief).’

‘But it is only husbands that want sex? What if the lady wants it too? Or are women can’t ask for sex too??’

‘All shades of wrong. Sis Omoni, this one don’t make any sense whether from a feminist angle or not. Sorry.’

If you have seen Omoni Oboli’s ‘Wives on Strike 1’, movie, you will recall this was the same tactics the wives used to get what they wanted from their husband.

But hey!, the movie world is different from reality and a majority of Nigerians condemn the idea immediately.

Was actress and filmmaker Omoni Oboli doing this just for fun or reality?

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